4 TikTok Marketing Tips

It’s a common misconception that a website is sufficient for advertising a business. If you don’t learn how to advertise on TikTok, for example, you could be missing out on a massive audience. Need help creating a TikTok marketing strategy? The tips below will provide you with a quick TikTok marketing tutorial!

1. Track the Trends

Engaging with the latest TikTok trends is a great way to grow your following. You can do this by creating videos using trending sounds, which you can find using the discover tab. You can also find trending dances, topics, challenges, and transitions by scrolling through your For You page or by searching #trendalert and #trending.

2. Be Personable, Not Pushy

Approximately 60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers. Gen Z tends to be drawn to brands with a strong personality and content that’s funny and lighthearted. If you put out content that’s pushy or salesy, you could end up driving them away.

3. Engage With Comments

The idea of interacting with commenters may be intimidating, but it’s a great way to form a connection with an audience. If someone compliments one of your products, give them a like (click the heart icon). You can also take some time to answer people’s questions.

4. Keep It Concise

Our attention spans appear to be getting shorter. That’s all the more reason to keep your TikToks nice and concise. You should get straight to the point the moment you start your video. If you wait a few seconds or beat around the bush too much, the user may simply swipe your TikTok away. You need to grab their attention fast.


Consider Hiring Outside Help

You’ll need more than the TikTok marketing tips above to thrive on the platform. Thankfully, there are professional services out there to help you. With the assistance of a digital marketing and sales specialist, you can launch successful online campaigns that attract new customers. To learn more, call 818-201-2787 or email marketingbysarmen@gmail.com.

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