4 Key Website Metrics You Should Be Tracking

With approximately 70% of Americans shopping online, maximizing your website’s performance is key for businesses of all sizes. The best way to determine how your website is doing — and what changes you need to make — is to view some key website metrics.

When looking at web metrics, some business owners only focus on web traffic. This is actually one of the biggest marketing misconceptions that could be limiting your business’s growth. Here are some of the best website metrics to track so you can start optimizing your site ASAP.

1. Traffic Sources

Create an effective digital marketing strategy by determining which social media platforms are bringing traffic to your site. This metric also allows you to view how visitors from these sources interact with your site. For example, you may find that your page and ads on Instagram attract more visitors, but Facebook results in more purchases.

2. Device Sources

Device sources is one of the most important website metrics to track if you want to make your site as accessible and engaging as possible. You can better optimize your website for your audience once you learn what devices and browsers people are using to access your site.

3. Exit Pages

Exit pages are the pages on your website where people most frequently exit. If your top exit page occurs somewhere throughout the checkout process, for example, you could take steps to make the checkout process shorter and less complicated.

4. Interactions Per Visit

This metric allows you to view how visitors navigate your website. This will reveal a lot of data about what parts of your site are engaging for viewers, as you can see which product pages people visit the most or least, what interactive elements they clicked on, and more.

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