What are Backlinks? Why are they Important?

Whenever going through search engine optimization, it is crucial to various facets making up a successful strategy, such as backlinks. However, backlinks are inbound links redirecting a user from one website to another, thus occurs, one particular website is linked to another. Backlinks tend to exist in two types, do-follow links, and no-follow links. The do-follow links do not have any attributes and thus have a positive impact on the ranking positions, thus assisting in getting a higher ranking of the website for a higher position in the SERP. In contrast, no-follow links are crucial for every website because they combine do-follow and no-follow links to make the particular look natural. Since backlinks provide how respected a particular website is, they are good when they originate from reputable websites but bad when they come from disreputable websites (Khan & Mahmood, 2018). Backlinks are more crucial in connecting too many websites and identifying the sites worth linkable because their contents experience high demands.

In google terms, the backlinks are considered votes because they would tell google that a particular website is trustworthy and the contents from the website are more valuable, helpful, and credible for use. More backlinks to a website assure that many vouches for the content from the website; thus, various search engines would infer that the contents are worth linkable (Mittal et al., 2018, October). In addition, more website backlinks increase surfacing on the SERP, thus positively influencing the ranking position and search visibility. They raise the website’s visibility to various search engines; thus, acquiring various links helps site promotions (Hande 2022). Backlinks provide higher discoverability and thus can be reached by many users and increases referral traffic because of the improved quality of the websites.


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